True Security Design offers active shooter preparation

BAY SHORE – True Security Design is offering training programs, called ‘Surviving an Active Shooter’ in order to better prepare individuals for an active shooter situation, should one arise.
Employees of A+ Technology and Security Solutions participated in the program.

“The most dangerous thing anyone could ever say – ‘It’ll never happen here,’” President of True Security Design, Lt. Joseph Pangaro said. “Two thirds of active shooter incidents take place in places other than schools. Therefore, that means all of us have to be prepared. I know work places are starting to get on board and training their people like this company, this is what is important to do so that we all are prepared to respond.”

Three basic principles of survival highlighted in the training are; “Run, Hide and Fight.”

Employees participating said they were anxious during the training, and it’s not a topic they like talking about.

“It was scary. I didn’t know where I should go at first – whether I should block the door, protect myself, I didn’t know where to go,” A+ Technology & Security Solutions employee Dina Finnell said.
“But it definitely helped, so now I feel like everywhere I feel like I’m going to be looking around like what can help protect myself, my children, or whoever else that I’m with.”