Yonkers police arrest 14 drug dealers in ‘Operation: Clean State’

YONKERS – Yonkers police arrested 14 people after a 10-month undercover drug investigation, called “Operation: Clean State” in the city the operation targeted drug dealers throughout the city selling crack-cocaine, heroin, and opioid pills.

Yonkers Police commissioner called it a difficult and dangerous operation where the suspects sold the drugs to undercover officers and a majority of the arrests taking place on the west side of the city.
The suspects charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance and criminal possession of a controlled substance, which are felony charges.

Police Commissioner Charles Gardner spoke about the arrests, along with Westchester County District Attorney Anthony Scarpino and the Yonkers mayor.

“There were over 100 buys made. We would say probably street value about $10,000 worth of drugs various amounts and different kinds of drugs were purchased,” Gardner said.

“Many of these defendants have prior felony charges beyond the sale of drugs. Charges related to robbery burglary, assault and firearms,” Scarpino said.

The police commissioner said 14 people are already in custody. Seven more suspects are still at large. They believe one of the suspects left the state and another one might be dead.

The operation is not over and the police said they are confident additional arrests will be made.