United States Marines help unpack turkeys

HAPPAUGE — Volunteers unpacked 2,400 turkeys at Long Island Cares today, hopeful of distributing them to families in need across Long Island.

“Thanksgiving is so symbolic of being together with your family and we want to be there for those who cannot necessarily have the means to have a great Thanksgiving,” says Stefanie Schwartz.

Stop and Shop donated the turkeys and are being split by Long Island Cares and Island Harvest to be given out to families who are food insecure.

“About 300,000 people across Long Island are food insecure and receiving support and services from our organizations,” says Randi Shubin Dresner of Island Harvest.

Every year while Stop and Shop donates the turkeys, the United States Marines based in Garden City lend a hand unpacking them.

“They come with their hearts and their hand. They’re just so happy to help. These are guys that are stationed all over the world. They see poverty, they see need, and then they come back home and unfortunately it’s here as well,” says Paule Pachter, the CEO of Long Island Cares.

“At the end of the day we all should help each other out. Regardless of what—how you grew up, or where you grew up at,” says Carlos Hernandez of the U.S. Marines.