Synagogue in Dix Hills equips security cameras and armed guard

DIX HILLS – Synagogues on Long island are stepping up safety measures with new state-of-the-art security systems.

The Chai Center in Dix Hills had begun to position armed security guards at their doors on Saturdays awhile ago. After Saturday’s shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Rabbi Yakov Saacks questioned if more measures should be taken.

New York State approved a $50 thousand grant for the Chai Center a few months ago after Gov. Cuomo announced $2 million dollars in grants to Jewish schools and synagogues on Long Island.

Since receiving the grant, Rabbi Saacks has worked with A-plus Technology and Security to add an intercom system, buzzers, card readers and high definition cameras.

“We use fingerprint readers and iris detection systems for the employees,” says Rabbi Saacks.
In addition to cameras that secure the perimeter of the entire building, the Chai Center has also implemented cameras that zoom close enough the read license plates.

On the windows of the synagogue door, the Chai Center has also installed 3M window film. A measure that could cause difficulties for intruders when attempting to break in.

“The important part is putting in the right pieces of the puzzle—the right building blocks to create a secure environment,” says David Antar, president of A-plus Technology and Security.

The Chai Center is currently in the process of getting a secure vestibule that will heighten their security measures even more.