Six Democrats unseat long standing Republican senators on Long Island

Six senate democrats elected Tuesday struck a pivotal moment for Long Island, an area that has always had Republican senators.

Anna Kaplan, Kevin Thomas, Jim Gaughran, John Brooks, and Todd Kaminsky, and Monica Martinez are the six democrats elected to unseat republicans.

“For too long we’ve had indictment after indictment. Four of the last five senate majority leaders, the speaker of the assembly, member after member after member of both sides have been carted out from the state capitol. Now we have a chance to really do something about that,” says Sen. Kaminsky.

Democrats will be focusing their agenda on ethics reform.

“The last thing we want a year or two years from now is for the voters to have buyer’s remorse. I think the most important thing is we always remember our obligation to represent the people of long island,” says Sen. Kaminsky.