Pres. George H.W. Bush remembered fondly by young entrepreneur for his love of fun socks

MELVILLE — The passing of President George H. W. Bush reminds many people of his love of colorful socks.
“I said ‘I want to send him a bunch of socks,’” recounted John L. Cronin of “John’s Crazy Socks” when he found out that he and the late president shared a love of fun socks.

And so began an unlikely friendship.

Cronin sent the president socks he had specially designed to look like him, as a super hero, which he calls his “Down syndrome super hero socks.” The president tweeted out a photo of him wearing the socks on world Down syndrome day, thanking his new friend.

“He made my day,” Cronin said.

But he also sent Cronin socks of his own, along with a note which describes just how much “John’s Crazy Socks,” and his business, meant to the former statesman. The note read:

“We knew that people with disabilities like Down syndrome are capable of doing amazing things if they are given the opportunity. You are a wonderful example of what Americans can do despite the challenges that they face.”

“Without President Bush and the Americans with Disabilities Act, there would be no John’s Crazy Socks’…and seeing John start his own business and be an entrepreneur, is exactly what he was hoping to see,” said Mark X. Cronin also of “John’s Crazy Socks” and father to John.

In addition to several other types of “John’s Crazy Socks,” they also provided Bush and his family with special book-themed socks for Barbara Bush’s funeral.

Son and father explained that he and the president had a special bond. They both started out as entrepreneurs, both beinge advocates for people with differing abilities, and their mutual love of socks.

“He’s truly an amazing man. He is a really nice man. I’m going to miss him,” John L. Cronin said.

Those book socks were renamed as library for literacy socks and all of the proceeds go towards the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.