Organization in Paterson feeds hungry and aims for its recipients to succeed

PATERSON — An organization known for fighting hunger in Passaic County is hoping to change lives by making it easier for people to succeed.

“I don’t have a lot of information to get stuff, so I’m working on it. So right now if I didn’t have CUMAC, I wouldn’t be anywhere. I would be struggling,” says Fin Robinson, who is grateful for the food pantry at CUMAC. There are five people in his household, and he says without the pantry, it would be difficult for them to have food, because they give him an extra bag of goods to help those who living with him.

In addition to giving out food at the pantry, CUMAC also provides food to shelters and other organizations.

”CUMAC is one of the largest anti-hunger organizations in Passaic County,” says Executive Director Mark Dinglasan.

CUMAC can also provide people with personal products, furniture, and clothes. There’s a thrift shop and community closet, that’s especially handy if someone needs something for a job interview.

“Their support is phenomenal,” says Raena Cooley, who is a member of CUMAC’s “Pathways to Work” program, which helps people find jobs.

“CUMAC’s tagline is ‘Feeding people and changing lives.’ Feeding people is about giving out millions of pounds of food. But changing lives has nothing to do with giving people food. It’s about wrapping services around individuals that are trying to find a shot,” Dinglasan says.