‘Zift’ allows parents to monitor their children’s dangerous cellphone activity

SADDLE RIVER – A new smartphone application, “Zift”, is designed to increase the safety of children while they are on their phones. The app monitors dangerous key words and gives parents a live newsfeed of dangerous tending apps and new trends. It also allows parents to pause their child’s phone or apps, and has location tracking features and put time limits on how long their kid can use the phone.

“Zift” is free to download and more information on the app can be found on their website.

A group of fathers who wanted parents to have more transparency when it comes to their kid’s digital life created the app.

Children holding cell phones is becoming more common. According, to a 2016 Influence Central report, the average age a kid received a cell phone is about 10 years old.

“Well you just have to rely that they have good judgement and you have to keep tabs on them to make sure, ask them what they’re looking at what they’re responding to,” Upper Saddle River resident Donna Sonageri said.

Zift Spokesperson Tom Kersting explained how the application help parents keep their children away from dangerous online activity.

“There is no parent app like ‘Zift’ because it is the only one that allows you to see everything your child is doing in real time, and gives you real alerts and gives you the capability to block whatever you want when you want to block it,” Kersting said. “This is a must app especially if you have younger children because we need to know everything our children are doing.”

Apple added parental controls to their iOS 12, in an attempt to help parents monitor their children’s social, but recent media reports have suggested those controls are still letting some troubling results through.