Demarest Pizza to shut down after over 30 years

DEMAREST – Demarest Pizza is shutting down after more than 30 years, after the owner, Steve Renke, passed away in August. The shop announced earlier this week that it is set to close by the end of the month because the landlord is refusing to renew the lease which expired in December of last year.

Demarest Pizza shop is known by all in the community as the place to go for a slice.

“It’s a shame, the whole thing a shame. You know the community is pretty upset because there isn’t going to be any pizza. It was pretty popular. He’s been there for over 30 years and well known a lot of people grew up with his pizza. He was a nice guy.” Demarest Deli owner Nick Patel said.

Renke, 49, was well known as the local pizza man but also for his generosity and involvement with the community. Soon after his passing, neighbors built a memorial outside the store, and a gofundme page was started to help his family. More than $116,000 was raised in Renke’s honor.

The pizza shops expected last day will be November 30.