New agreement between Mount Vernon, county executive moves Memorial Field rehabilitation project forward

WHITE PLAINS – At a press conference on Wednesday, Westchester County Executive George Latimer officially signed the new agreement between the county and Mount Vernon to move the Memorial Field rehabilitation project forward

“That will effectuate the county’s side of the inter-municipal agreement which has already been approved by the city of Mount Vernon,” Westchester County Executive George Latimer said. “We will have the ability to shape a final plan that will include the greatest amount of that input.”

The amended agreement requires the city to remove tons of hazardous dirt from the site. Then Westchester, Mount Vernon, and the public will weigh in on what they would like to see happen to the field.

Ultimately, the county will have the final decision on the field’s design

“It really assures Mount Vernon residents that they’re going to see memorial field something other than a pile of rubble,” Mount Vernon resident Lyndon Williams said.

“I’m overwhelmed because now families can enjoy the field and know that it’s coming back to life to help Mount Vernon and help the county,” Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas said.

Part of the deal will also grant a full audit of the more than $3,000,000 the county has already lent Mount Vernon for the project

“The audit function will determine that ‘x’ number of dollars was legitimately spent towards this purpose and ‘y’ number of dollars were not,” Latimer said.

Latimer said eventually the county will require the city to pay back any unused funds they lent them but it will not stop the project from being completed first.

Westchester County and the city of Mount Vernon have agreed to a new contract to complete Memorial Field.