Nassau County Legislature meets to discuss reopening police precincts

MINEOLA — The Nassau County Legislature held a meeting Tuesday to debate the re-opening of two police precincts days after the County Executive sued the legislature following amendments added to the budget that included the reopening of precincts.

The sixth and the eighth precincts closed in 2012 and both Republicans and Democrats have agreed to amend the County Executive’s 2019 budget to include the reopening of them both.

County Executive Laura Curran campaigned in favor of reopening the precincts but then vetoed the legislation. However, on Monday she announced an agreement to reopen the precincts, a move Republicans are calling a “back room” deal.

Minority Leader Kevan Abrahams says that the Democrats believe working with the County Executive on the amendments was the most prudent way to proceed.

“We can make amendments to include bus routes, contingencies- she does not have to spend one nickel,” says Abrahams. “By structuring an agreement like we did yesterday what that gets is we are able to move forward with the initiatives but at the same time we are able to move forward with the County Executive.”