TOUCH provides free food to those with chronic health conditions

CONGRES – Rockland Community Against Hunger has a network of feeding programs working to ensure neighbors are getting the food they need. “Together Our Unity Can Heal.” or TOUCH is one program, focusing on nutrition.

One in seven people living in Rockland County are at the \poverty level and are likely suffering from food insecurity.

“We have a nutritionist here and we provide food that’s really tailored to their health needs. And we see food as a kind of medicine. And it’s not just getting people food to satisfy their hunger. But it’s also food that will help them become healthier over time,” TOUCH Executive Director Julian Palmer said.

Joe Hill who has chronic health problems including, diabetes, high blood pressure and suffered from two strokes, unpacked a healthy fresh food delivery.

When his doctor recommended a healthier lifestyle, he knew it would come at a cost, which is when Hill reached out to TOUCH. TOUCH is a nonprofit organization in Orange and Rockland County, providing food for neighbors living with chronic illnesses. Touch has delivered food to Hill for two years now, making a lasting impression on his health.

“For the most part being a diabetic and being disabled helps because financially, medications, rent for a home, expenses is very hard once you add food in,” Hill said.

Inside the TOUCH food pantry is organic products, low sodium canned goods, lean meats, fruits, and vegetables.

“It helps me with my diabetic situation, it’s brought down my A1C, my levels, my blood pressure is better. So eating better helps me,” Hill said.