Officials in Orangetown announce plans to spend $13M on new town hall or fix current one

RANGETOWN – Town officials in Orangetown have announced plans to build a new $13,000,000 town hall, or fix the existing structure for the same cost. The town hall has not seen improvements since 1961.

“The business of this town is conducted in this building, we can’t do it if it’s falling into the ground,” Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day.

With a falling facade, rotted staircases, and cracked windows, Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day said repairs must be made.

“The thing about this new plan, rather than just fixing the current one is we get to consolidate operations from another location. Our building department is currently located in another older building on Greenbush Road,” Day said. “This new building allows us to move into the same spot and we can shut our operations there which saves a lot on utilities, potential repairs to that building, and also the ability to sell it.”

The estimated cost to build the new building is $13,000,000, not including the cost to demolish the existing structure. Day claims it would cost the same amount to renovate the current town hall as it would to just build a new one.

Day is reassuring people that the town will not be digging into their pockets to help pay for a new town hall.

“I will not be raising taxes to pay for this bond, we’re going to find ways within our budget to create the space to pay for the service of the debt. It’s not going to be something we just tack onto the cost of doing business, it’s not something we’re just going to pass on to the taxpayers,” Day said.

Day said according to construction experts the project should take 2-3 years to complete.

“I’ve been in Orangetown since 1961, so I remember when it was a pretty new building. But the cops and everyone need a good facility to stay up to speed, with technology and everything. So if that’s what they need we should give it to them,” Orangetown Anthony Vaccaro said.

The town is only in the early planning stages and residents are encouraged to give their input and attend town board meetings.