New Rochelle releases proposed fiscal budget

NEW ROCHELLE – New Rochelle City Manager Charles Strome released a proposed 2019 fiscal budget of $199,600,000 on Thursday. The budget proposes a tax rate increase of 2.4 percent up 0.4 percent from last year. Although both tax, hikes are within the state’s tax cap. This budget increase will cost the average homeowner an additional $89 from last year.

“It is a budget that maintains essential services. The majority of the money we spend here is on personnel and the majority of that is in the police, fire, public works and parks, and rec department,” Strome said. “As you know when we had the difficulties last year. We did have police officers in the high school at the school district’s request. We cannot do it unless it is requested by the school district. We have trained five officers to be school resource officers, but to date, the school district has not decided if they want to have them. “

The new positions the city manager has budgeted for 2019 are; three police officers, two firefighters, a risk manager, a building inspector, a city engineer and a new deputy commissioner of parks and recreation position.

With the increase in housing developments across the city, much of this tax burden could be offset down the road.

“If it’s projected that a project will add 10 students to the school system, or just 10 students doesn’t matter where they go to school. The pilot will have to be 10 times whatever it is to educate a student in a year and that money will go to the school district,” Strome. “So the cost of additional children is covered so we don’t burden our school district. We believe that developments will not only provide one-time revenue to us but recurring revenue to help us maintain our budget.”

The budget is now available for the public to review. A public hearing will be on December.