New law calls for the suspension of contractor licenses for those who do not pay, underpay workers

PORT CHESTER – Westchester County Executive George Latimer signed a bill into law a bill that calls for suspending contractor licenses for those who do not pay workers and also consider legal action against contractors who underpay workers.

The bill passed in a bi-partisan vote by county legislators signed here along with members of Latimer’s administration and labor alliance representatives. Some of the speakers say this has been a problem for years in the county and they hope this law will make contractors think twice about not paying workers.

“It’s not only protection of employees the workers and making sure that fair wages have gotten to those employees that they have negotiated in the first place. But more importantly, the contractors are living by the law and actually weeding out the bad actors,” Westchester County Deputy Executive Ken Jenkins said.

Contracting licenses are for two years. Suspending the licenses, which is one such penalty because of the new law, which goes into effect in Westchester County on Friday.

“It’s a huge penalty. If you’re a business that doesn’t pay its employees there are wage theft violations you’re not going to get a license to do home improvement contracting work in Westchester,” Consumer Protection Department Director Jim Maisano said.