Mt. Vernon mayor brings lawsuit against city comptroller in court

WHITE PLAINS – Mount Vernon Mayor Richard Thomas was back in court on Wednesday, bringing a lawsuit against City Comptroller Deborah Reynolds for not paying the city’s bills.

Thomas alleged that Reynolds is refusing to pay the city’s bills since January leading to more than $1,000,000 in outstanding debt.

On multiple occasions, Reynolds has fought back accusing the mayor of lying and “playing politics.”

Reynolds insists that she has paid all of the city’s bills and he is the one who doesn’t submit the proper information to her. She has also previously accused him of trying to use the city’s money to pay for his personal attorney’s fees, something she refuses to do.

“We had a very positive and productive meeting with the judge and the judge’s law secretary and all parties are going to report back next week and we’re hoping to make substantial progress with everyone,” Thomas’ Attorney Jeffery Buss said.

Thomas said the unpaid bills have led to unpaid employees, a lack of office supplies, and broken down equipment.

The mayor hopes that if Reynolds is not paying the bills, the courts will force her to do so and open up her financial books to city officials can get a better idea of the city’s finances

Reynolds did not show up to court today but was not required to.