Greenburgh Central officials say $166M bond proposal is affordable for homeowners

HARTSDALE— The Greenburgh Central School District is pushing a new consolidation plan that comes with a hefty price tag that the district is calling very affordable for homeowners.

The Greenburgh Central School District wants to shut down both Highview Elementary School and Richard J. Bailey School as part of its $166 million consolidation plan that would put all Greenburgh schools on one campus.

Hartsdale resident Leonie Gordon does not agree with the plan.

“It’s terrible for the young families in this neighborhood that hopes to use the schools,” Gordon said. “I’m not for it at all.”

The schools would merge onto the 185-acre Warburg campus located off Hartsdale Avenue.

Greenburgh Central Schools Chief Tahira Dupree Chase is calling the plan affordable for homeowners, saying it will lower the district’s operating costs.

Under the proposal, a homeowner with a home valued at $480,000 would pay about $97 more a month or about $1,164 a year to help pay off the bond. If the plan is accepted and the elementary schools are consolidated, the money will pay for a new school for students in grades three through eight. It will also include a 20-room addition to Lee F. Jackson Elementary School to add students in pre-k through the second grade. Renovations to both Woodland Middle and High schools will come from this money as well.

The school bond proposal will go before voters sometime next year, and if approved, would be the most expensive school borrowing plan in Westchester County.