Developers of Avalon Bay to receive $1.3M tax break

HARRISON – The developers of the Avalon Bay planned for Downtown Harrison will receive a $1,300,000 tax break from Westchester County. Construction for the site is slated to begin during the winter and is expected to create 410 construction jobs.

The Westchester County Industrial Development Agency approved the break for Avalon bay communities last month.

The tax break is met with little resistance from residents.

Plans call for three buildings to go up development next to the Harrison Train Station.

The development will include residential units, 27,000 sq. feet of commercial space and 584 parking spaces, some of which will be designated strictly for metro north users.

It also promises improved access to the train station.

Residents said the tradeoff is worth it.

“The first thing people think about when they’re getting a tax break, what are the incentives? The incentives based on what I understand, if there are going to be a new business or so forth, eventually that revenue will be brought back into the village or the town itself,” Harrison resident Jon Rodriguez said.