Long Island Cares extends service beyond food donations

HAUPPAUGE — Long Island Cares is a volunteer organization that’s working to help provide families with holiday meals this season, but they also know “it takes more than food to feed the hungry.”

Long island Cares analyzes their recipients and gauge their needs from health insurance, job assistance and federal benefits. All while they deliver seven and a half million pounds of food across Nassau and Suffolk counties.

“When we look at food insecurity on Long Island, we try to look at the entire person. So, how much money they’re bringing in—in terms of salary or entitlement and benefit programs and what more there is that we can do for it,” says Paule Pachter, the CEO of Long Island Cares.

Dedicated volunteers who work to fulfill the needs of countless food insecure families make all of the work possible. They spend several hours stocking shelves and unloading boxes from trucks. This time of year, the volunteers work vigorously to provide families with Thanksgiving turkeys.

The organization has collected 6,200 turkeys this season and still has a week to collect more.

They are even open on the morning of Thanksgiving for last minute donations or collections.