Nassau DA unveils program that offers support to those previously incarcerated

HEMPSTEAD — Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced a new program that provides much-needed services in Hempstead for previously incarcerated individuals.

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Singas unveiled the Community Partnership Program. 9 Centre Street will be the base for services to those in the general community who need a focus on re-entry into the population. Offering clothing, a food pantry, and links to easier access to medical care and social service benefits. The community partnership program will also partner with established Hempstead-based outreach services

“Whether they are coming in at a low point in their life, whether they are coming in after serving a period of incarceration, we can be the people that can support them and help them,” Singas said. “We all know that if we don’t invest in crime prevention strategies then we are not really making an investment into our community.”

Singas says the community partnership will also invest in a 12-week gang and gun-violence program for parolees.