First on FiOS1 News: Esquadron De Guerra Church opens doors to homeless

BAY STORE – The Esquadron De Guerra Church in Bay Shore opened up to help the homeless in the community for Thanksgiving.

Through the morning, volunteers from the church go around the community to local shelters and find people on the streets, to offer a ride to anyone who would like to join them for the Thanksgiving celebration.

The church offers a Thanksgiving meal, free clothes, coats, and even free haircuts.

“It just rejuvenates them you know, someone can be having a rough day or a rough circumstance and a haircut changes their perspective, their outlook on things,” Volunteer Barber John Jimenez said.

Pat from Brentwood would have spent the bitterly cold Thanksgiving outside on the streets had it not been for the church opening its doors to him and the other needy members of the community.

“I think it’s a beautiful thing that everybody pitches in and helps out the needy,” Pat said.

“I would love to be with my family, but they are in Florida, and it’s cold out there so I was invited in here,” Brentwood Miquel Domeneck said.

Together as a community they prayed, laughed, and enjoyed a warm atmosphere over a delicious Thanksgiving meal, that was donated and served by parishioners and volunteers.

“I decided to come here since I have no family and I am by myself,” Brentwood Joe Lozado said.

“I just like to have family and friend over because I don’t like to be lonely a lot,” Brentwood resident Olvin Banegas said.

The Esquadron De Guerra Church said although this is the first time this outreach has been done, this tradition will continue for many years to come.

“Just looking at their smiles, and they have a warm place to come that’s what makes this so beautiful,” Church Leader Mirta Matos said.

“We want to welcome everyone so they know they are welcome and loved, this is what the community is about,” Volunteer Elvia Damaris said.