Blood test offers early detection for cancer patients

WESTBURY — A new blood test could help detect cancer as early as stage one, and one Long Island doctor says it could also save lives.

The IvyGene test requires a few vials of blood to tell you if you may already be developing cancer cells in your body.

“So far, if the test has come back positive, I haven’t had a patient where I couldn’t find a tumor,” said Dr. Jesse Stoff, Integrative Medicine of New York clinical immunologist.

Dr. Stoff says he was one of the first doctors to begin using the test on patients since it came out a few a years ago. It can recognize early signs of breast cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, and lung cancer.

“I always look for the latest technologies for diagnostics to see if I can find something at an earlier stage and help my patients better and faster,” he said.

Early detection is key, according to Dr. Stoff. The simple blood test assesses the probability that your body is already making cancer cells by looking for a change in your DNA.

“The IvyGene test is a way to quantify where we are on that spectrum of developing dangerous levels of cancer cells,” Stoff said.

He says many of his patients that have taken the test did so because they had an earlier cancer scare or were exposed to an environmental toxin, such as the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Dr. Stoff says the test is just part of measures someone can take with early screening and prevention.

“It can give us a really important heads up at an early time where a simple procedure can be curative. And not wait until it’s a big mushrooming metastatic mess,” Stoff said.