Late night fire razes apartment building in Woodbridge

WOODBRIDGE — Residents of the Hillside Garden Apartments were forced out after a fire engulfed a portion of the complex late Tuesday night. One had to be rescued by firefighters from his balcony.

On Wednesday morning, evidence of the damage was evident. The third floor was completely destroyed, a portion of the roof fell apart, glass was everywhere and the windows were blown out entirely.

The building manager claims the fire all started from a lit cigarette left in the apartment that soon caught fire and spread rapidly.

About 30 people were reportedly evacuated.

One neighbor saw the damages for himself.

““I didn’t know exactly what was the extent of it until I’m getting home now from work and I’m seeing it and there’s no power, no heat, no nothing,” said Isaias Nieves, who was also concerned for his family and his children.

Woodbridge Township police and PSEG crews are now on scene.

PSEG officials are working to restore power and heat as quickly as possible.