Hofstra University students prepare to put on live Election Day broadcast

HEMPSTEAD – Students at Hofstra University say that, as this bruising election season nears its end, they are determined more than ever to produce hard-hitting, quality journalism.

Moreover, to get more people interested in the 2018 midterm elections, they’re going to try out an all-hands-on-deck live broadcast fort he first time.

Dozens of students who are majoring in journalism, film, television, radio, political science and public relations are coming together to provide coverage of local, regional and national races as part of the “Hofstra Votes Live” broadcast. The program is part of a campus-wide campaign to encourage students to vote.

“If you learn good writing, if you learn good storytelling, it’ll give you the confidence to tell those stories in whatever platform and whatever technology you are confronted by when you emerge into the working world,” said Mark Lukasiewicz, Dean of the Lawrence Herbert School of Communication.

You can tune into Tuesdaynight’s broadcast live at 88.7 FM or at