Hoboken mayor hopes governor will intervene in ferry depot plans for city waterfront

HOBOKEN — Mayor Ravi Bhalla is asking Gov. Phil Murphy to intervene on a key decision by the Army Corps of Engineers over a city waterfront area.

Mayor Bhalla tweeted out that the Corps has approved plans to open a ferry maintenance and refueling depot at the controversial Union Dry Dock site. Mayor Ravi Bhalla has been fighting against this move for weeks.

New York Waterway bought the site for nearly $12 million a year ago. They plan to use it to repair, refuel, and maintain a large fleet of commuter ferries. However, Mayor Bhalla wants to use it as a public space by extending the existing waterfront.

Bhalla released a study in November that recommends five sites based on capacity, public safety, environmental constraints, and more. The Lackawanna Terminal in South Hoboken was at the top of that list, while the Union Dry Dock came in fourth.

Now Bhalla is inviting Gov. Murphy to visit the dry dock before permitting the move. He wants the governor to see “the detrimental impact this will have on families and children of our community.”

Bhalla is promising his fight is far from over and he is redoubling his efforts. In the past he has offered to have the city buy the property at fair market value.

He has not said what he might do next to prevent the ferry depot from moving in.

New York waterway released a statement to FiOS1 News Friday morning promising to continue its commitment to reliability and says:

“This action is critical to our ability to provide vital mass transit service on a daily basis, enriching the lives of New Jersey commuters and adding value to waterfront property.”