Feeding Westchester brings Mobile Food Pantry to Pace Univ.

PLEASANTVILLE — Feeding Westchester brought its mobile food pantry to Pace University where students and faculty were given access to donated food as well helped those in the community get access to what they need.

The mobile food pantry holds 15 thousand pounds of food and parks at Pace University once a month.
“It’s a no judgment zone; students come and get free food because college life is hard. Have to eat on a budget,” says Alyssa Johnson, a volunteer.

Over 40 percent of college students reports they are food insecure so Pace Univ. collaborated with Feeding Westchester to get access to this mobile pantry in an effort to help alleviate hunger in college communities.

“I think the most surprising thing is there are a lot of kids coming to school and you think they’re doing the best for themselves trying to better their own lives, yet a lot of these kids are struggling in silence and going to their classes hungry. It’s a very unfortunate situation,” says Kristina Magana, a representative of Feeding Westchester.

Pace Univ. 85 students receive food last month and the same 20 volunteers were back this month to lend a hand again.

“I have a class right now that I have to go to but I would rather be here and know that I’m making a difference for certain people,” says Johnson.

Peter Pozo operates the mobile food truck.

“It’s a refrigerator on wheels that sustains the community and supports the community with their needs,” says Pozo.

Pozo is known in the community as a “hunger hero” who fights the cause on wheels.

“I love what I do. It’s something that helps the community,” says Pozo.

The Mobile Food Pantry makes several stops on a daily basis in the Westchester community.