Bob Hugin concedes in Senate race against incumbent Menendez

MOUNTAINSIDE– A heartbroken crowd listened to defeated Republican Senate Candidate Bob Hugin, who lost to incumbent Sen. Robert Menendez Tuesday night.

“I really feel bad because you deserve better, and I feel like I’ve let you down,”
Hugin said, who was making his first run for political office. He told the crowd that even though he didn’t win the race, he will keep working for the people of New Jersey.

“There are lots of challenges, the unaffordability, the failure to deliver for our people. We know those are tough issues. They’re not going to go away and I promise you I’m going to continue to fight for those issues,” Hugin added.

While campaigning, Hugin frequently used the word corrupt to describe his Democratic opponent by constantly bringing up both Menendez’s federal corruption trial, which ended with a mistrial, and his negative review from the senate ethics committee. He touched on that again Tuesday night after his concession speech.

“And I have to tell you, I respect Senator Menendez, but I hope he’ll raise the standard of his personal life to be one we can be proud of,” Hugin said.

When asked if he might make a run again, potential for governor, Hugin said he doesn’t anticipate running for office.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this race, except that we were morally offended that there wouldn’t be competition for the people of New Jersey,” Hugin said. “I can tell you it wasn’t my plan in life to be a politician. My plan in life, I’m not going to retire.”