2 hurt after early morning house fire in Orange

ORANGE — A three-story home along Scotland Road stands damaged, charred with the roof caved in after a massive fire erupted early Thursday morning. There were two families inside, about six to eight people when flames erupted at around 4 a.m.

Everyone got out unharmed by the flames.

Mayor Dwayne D. Warren Esq. said it was a tough morning in his community

“No matter how many fires you see, it never prepares you for this kind of scene where there’s potential for a family to be hurt,” Mayor Warren said. “There was a baby inside. There were school-age children inside. Of course, the danger to our own firefighters, so this is always a dangerous and heart-wrenching scene.

A family member was injured, not from the flames, but from a pet dog authorities believe was frightened in the chaos.

A firefighter suffered burns to his arm and was taken to an area hospital.
The flames are believed to have started on the first floor before spreading all the way up to leave significant damage.

Several surrounding towns sent crews to help. Mayor Warren commended them for their work.

“We’re on a narrow street, Scotland Road, so we did have to block the street off. But our apparatus was able to get in. We have a new apparatus able to reach into where the fire was and get pretty close. That’s probably what helped us maintain it as quickly as we did,” Warren said.

The flames were contained to the one building.

The Red Cross is helping the families affected.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.